Changes to resit students’ enrolments

It has come to our attention that students registered on modules in Banner as ‘resit without teaching’ (C1, C2 etc) were mistakenly enolled onto 10/11 VLE modules. This error has now been corrected and their enrolments have been made unavailable in the VLE.

Students can still access the 0910 version of the module (assuming the module has been left as available in the VLE by the Department). Students can access these modules by selecting the 0910 view under My Studies in the Portal.

At the moment students will find they can still see these modules on the 10/11 list in the Portal. We are working with the Portal Team to resolve this asap.

If a Department still wants students to be able to access the 10/11 version, please contact the VLE Service via the ISS Helpdesk to discuss (Tel: 0113 343 3333 Email:

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