What you think about Blackboard 9.1: post-pilot feedback

Last week the VLE Support Service piloted the training and user documentation to support the VLE upgrade to version 9.1. This follows on from user testing sessions that took place last year in November and December. Faculty VLE advisors from around the University were invited to pilot two one-hour Review & Prepare sessions, targeted at existing users of the VLE. The first session, Getting Started with Blackboard 9.1 covers some of the most common uses of the VLE and highlights changes to the interface and in the way tasks are undertaken at the moment. The second session, New Features in Blackboard 9.1 explores new and more advanced functionality.

Feedback from the pilot was very positive, with participants finding the two short sessions very useful for current VLE users. Participants also welcomed the new features that Blackboard 9.1 will bring to Leeds, including on-screen contextual help, new drag and drop functionality and significant improvements to the Group tool and a new Grade Centre.

We would like to thank all colleagues who gave up their valuable time to assist us with testing training and support materials. SDDU are now in the process of finalising training which will be available from May.

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