VLE Upgrade training available for staff – book your place now

VLE Upgrade training is now available to book on to for both new and current staff users of the VLE.

Training for existing staff users of the VLE
Two one-hour Review & Prepare sessions have been designed to quickly familiarise colleagues with the new features that Blackboard 9.1 brings to Leeds. The first session, ‘Review and Prepare 1: Getting Started with Blackboard 9.1’ provides an overview of the new interface and some of the most common uses of the VLE; the second session, ‘Review and Prepare 2: New Features in Blackboard 9.1’ concentrates on some of the enhancements made to some of the more advanced features (including the Group tool and new Grade Centre). Sessions have been arranged for School and Faculty groups and there are also some dates on the SDDU Open Programme. This training is also now available online.

Initial VLE training for new users or those who would like a refresher
If you are new to using Blackboard VLE (or would like a refresher on the initial training) we recommend you attend the ‘VLE 1: Getting Started with Blackboard 9.1’ session instead (we have availability on Monday 16th May), which provides a first look student experience of a Blackboard VLE module area. Dates are also available in June for the ‘VLE 2 Managing Content’ and ‘VLE 3 Getting Interactive’ sessions. If you are an administrator new to using the VLE, we recommend you attend ‘VLE 1: Getting Started with Blackboard 9.1’ followed by ‘VLE for Administrators’. All of these will also be available online.

Find out more
To find out more and to register to attend training, please visit: http://www.sddu.leeds.ac.uk/sddu-vleupgrade.html

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