VLE now live

The upgraded VLE went live early this morning at the usual address:


The new VLE is rolling out with most of the intended functionality in place and only a few last minute snagging items to sort out over the next week. Some things we can’t do until the new students enrol for 11/12 and other things, like the data feed, are part of a rolling programme of iterative improvements to the data quality in the VLE. We’ve had a problem with one tool – the Podcast tool. Unfortuantely this is not fully operational, current podcasts play but new ones cannot be added. We are working on a solution to this.

When you log in you should find your user experience reasonably familiar. The VLE Service has produced a guide to the most significant changes in the new VLE which you should read before you do anything else. We’ve put information in there on everything from how to make a module available to the new Youtube and Slideshare embed tools.

Seasoned VLE Users will be glad to hear we snuck an eleventh hour feature into the new rollout – pasting from Microsoft Word is now handled by a special plugin in the Embed feature, meaning you can now drop all the Microsoft word content you want into your modules with no fear of formatting issues.

There are still some adminstrative tasks to do. The 11/12 modules will not be made available to staff until we are absolutely sure we have a stable system. We also have a Questionmark server upgrade in progress which we’ll update you on as soon as possible. We’ll keep you updated as developments happen.

For those of you (particularly staff) who are keen to get to grips with the new functionality in the VLE we recommend you head over to the VLE Website. Remember this is a work-in-progress and there is much more documentation to come, including more video guides for staff and quick bites for students.

The VLE Service

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