Problems viewing PDF files on Apple computers

Users may experience difficulties with PDF files and Apple Safari 5.1 and Firefox. In the VLE the issue  occurs when staff have used the Add File option and have left the setting ‘Open in New Window’ as No.

Adobe have issued a formal advisory re Apple Safari 5.1:

The issue is caused because Safari and Firefox have no inline method of PDF display. Blackboard are aware of the issue and have advised as a workaround use of a third party plugin from Schubert|it. The plugin can be found at This a 3rd party plugin. Blackboard did not develop nor does Blackboard or the University of Leeds provide support for this plugin.

At present, users who are able to download and use Google Chrome on their machine will be able to view PDFs without any issues.

For Staff adding PDFs to a module:

To avoid this problem, choose Open in New Window when adding a PDF file to your module in Blackboard. Here’s a screencast of how to edit one you’ve already added:

At present there is no fix from Adobe Inc. This message may be updated as we receive more information.

NOTE: This issue is unrelated to problems experienced on some Windows machines when downloading PDFs reported here:



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