Questionmark – Invalid characters

Questionmark has a list of invalid characters which can’t be used when authoring and scheduling assessments.

These are:

  • “ (Double Quote)
  • ‘ (Single Quote)
  • & (Ampersand)
  • / (Forward Slash)
  • \ (Back Slash)
  • , (Comma)
  • £ (British Pound)
  • ¦ (Pipe)
  • < (Less than sign) > (Greater than sign)
  • : (Colon)
  • ; (Semi-colon)
  • # (Hash)

And should not be used in:

  • Topic/Question name
  • Assessment name
  • Assessment folder
  • Schedule name in Blackboard

When creating topics or assessments in Authoring Manager you will see an on screen notification stating the character you have entered is invalid.

However if any invalid characters are entered as part of the assessment schedule in Blackboard  Instructors receive no warning and will be able to access the assessment without any issues.  Students attempting to access the assessment will see the error message “Access denied. Unable to proceed due to improper call of Perception.”

Comments are welcome, however if you need help or advice please contact the ISS helpdesk on tel (0113) 343 3333, or

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