Changes following the April VLE Update

Here are the key changes in the April Upgrade. We’re still working behind the scenes on some new functionality and improvements. Follow this blog for further updates!

Blackboard Tests

For timed tests there is a new auto-submit option. So now you can choose to make attempts automatically submit once the time limit is reached. When you deploy the test, you’ll see the new option under “2. Test Availability.”

Internet Explorer 9

The upgraded VLE is now compatible with IE9. However, Questionmark is not compatible with IE9. The recommended browser for VLE use is still IE8. IE8 is installed on the ISS student clusters.


There are various fixes and improvements to functionality, for example:

  • Problems with moving announcements are resolved
  • For Force Completion Tests students are now warned when they leave the page and are able to cancel and resume the test
  • If you hide the menu for a module, it doesn’t hide in other modules anymore

Take some time to read our list of known issues which highlights what has been fixed.

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