Module Rollover

The rollover process for 12/13  will get underway on Monday 28th May starting with the first of several rollover exercises for modules starting in the next three months June to August.

Modules with the following term codes should be rolled and ready to check on Tuesday morning:

  • J, K, L, M, P, Q
  • J01-J09, J13, J15
  • K01-K11, K13, K16
  • L01-L07
  • M01-M04, M10

Instructors of these modules will start to see content rollover throughout the day.

The majority of Term 1, 2 and 3 modules will be rolled in June. We’ll update you here!

What should I do when my new module appears?

You should read the Rollover guide, and at the very least check your module:

  1. Ensure all your content has been copied for you, and where that wasn’t possible, create the content again in the new module.
  2. Check your module menus for consistency.
  3. Check module banners.
  4. Check your new content for factual inconsistencies (dates, references to semester etc).
  5. Check whether content should be removed (e.g. exam materials).
  6. Check all adaptive release rules as many will need to be added again (e.g. availability of material by date/membership/grade centre item).
  7. If you had any assessment items (Questionmark, Turnitin, Assignment), rebuild them for the new semester and redeploy Blackboard tests/surveys.
  8. If you were using any interactive content e.g. Wikis, Blogs, Discussion boards as you will need to rebuild them.
  9. Add members to Groups and edit Group descriptions as necessary.
  10. If you have made any modifications to the grade centre e.g. added a column, added an assignment external to the VLE, you will need to add them again if appropriate.
  11. Make the module available to students (and guests as appropriate) once you are satisfied it is ready.

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