Test students accounts for all instructors and module builders.

We’ve added a feature to Blackboard which will allow all Instructors and Module builders to create a test account associated with their normal login. These test accounts will be normal ‘students’ in the system and will give you a real student view of your module.

If for example your username is:


your student login will be:


You’ll create the password to the test account yourself, so good secure password creation is a necessity.

There is a full guide to the functionality which you should read first: http://www.leeds.ac.uk/vle/staff/guides/teststudent.htm

Each instructor or module builder can create one test user. You’ll be able to enrol/unenrol the test account in any of your modules. Be aware that any content you create with these accounts can be viewed by others, just like a real student.

The fine print:

  • Do not share usernames and passwords with others – the test student account is for your use only.
  • Test student accounts will be purged from the system on the first of every month. If you want to continue using a test student, you’ll have to create a new one.

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