Staff – Get ready for mobile

What is Mobile Learn?

Mobile Learn is a downloadable application which gives students a way to access their VLE modules on a smartphone or tablet device. Mobile learn is built for Apple iOS devices, Android and Blackberry.

Can Mobile Learn replace the VLE on the desktop for students?

No, think complement, not replace. Mobile Learn offers a rich media experience and supports many kinds of content and even interactive tools, but it is not intended to offer the same full featured environment as a web browser on a desktop. Students will complement their use of the VLE on the web with access via mobile.

Do I have to redesign my modules for mobile?

Not necessarily. There are ways to make your content more mobile friendly but this won’t stop students accessing much of your content. But if you want to target students using mobile devices there are ways to make the experience better for them. There are some hints and tips in our Building a mobile friendly module guide.

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