Staff: How can I tell if my VLE tests will work on Mobile Learn?

Mobile Learn gives students easy access to formative tests if the test is compatible with Mobile Learn. Since we implemented Mobile Learn there’s a Mobile Compatible Test tool which you can use to build new tests. However, tests built with the standard Blackboard test tool might work too – it just depends on what types of questions are included and which settings are on the test. To find out which tests on your module are mobile compatible:

  1. Go to your module on the VLE
  2. Go to the Control Panel > Module Tools > Mobile Compatible Test List

Any test listed here is mobile compatible. If a test is not listed here it will be because a question or setting is not mobile compatible.

Tips for mobile tests:

  1. Mobile Learn should only be used for formative tests – the chances of losing work on a mobile connection are high
  2. Set the test to have unlimited attempts – this will save you having to clear attempts if students have issues
  3. Near the test include a link to the student guide on how to take a mobile test

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