Temporary Suspension of VLE Announcements in Portal

In preparation for the VLE upgrade on Monday (see our previous VLE Upgrade posts), the Portal Team will be temporarily suspending the flow of announcements from the VLE to the Portal.

A holding message will reflect this in the Portal interface. Until late Sunday you can still use the Portal Quick Link to the VLE to check your announcements. VLE announcements will still appear in the VLE until the upgrade process starts on Monday morning (00:01hrs).

A Final Reminder:

The VLE will be unavailable during the upgrade:

Monday 8th July until late Tuesday 9th of July*

*Additionally, Wednesday the 10th July may be used for upgrade contingencies if necessary.

While the VLE is being upgraded it will not be available, hence no content will be accessible.

Do not schedule formative or summative assessment or electronic assignment hand-ins through the VLE for the above dates (including the contingency day).

Please do blog, repost and publicise this message widely, using the permalink to our original post:


VLE Service

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