Test tool improvements

What’s new?

Negative marking: Discourage random guessing by using negative marking. The option is available for multiple choice, multiple answer and matching questions. You add a negative percentage to answers as relevant; there is also the option to decide whether a question has a base score of 0 for multiple answer questions.

Test re-grade: No longer will you need to manually regrade tests if an error was made during set up! If an error is made in the scoring of a test e.g. a question was set to achieve 10 marks when it should have been 5, changing the score in the test canvas will now update all scores for completed tests accordingly.

Deployment exceptions: When you deploy a test in your module for students to take, you will have the option to create exceptions for certain users or groups. So if you have a student who needs an extra attempt this is now possible. Other exceptions include different availability dates and removal of Force Completion. All results will be stored together in one Grade Centre column.

Analysis of questions: The VLE will collate information to help assess a question’s ability to discriminate between students who understand the material and those who do not, highlighting which questions need to be reviewed in a test. A summary is available as well as detailed information per question.

How do I find out more?

Read our test tool guide. If you need help or more information, contact us via the ISS Helpdesk.

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