New Turnitin iPad App for staff

Earlier this month Turnitin released their new iPad app. You can get the app for free from the App store (search for ‘Turnitin’).

Why use it?

The app provides a convenient way to access and mark student submissions on Turnitin. One of the main benefits is that you can work offline, avoiding slow loading/loss of work due to an unreliable internet connection. With the app you can download the assignments to your iPad and then sync your work to Turnitin when you have a wifi connection again.

Things to consider


To use the app, you need to generate a one use access code from the Turnitin area of the VLE module. Once you’ve entered the code in your iPad, the app remembers the code by default – meaning if you lose your iPad or share it, others could access students’ Turnitin assignments and change grades/feedback. Therefore we recommend you unlink your iPad from Turnitin when not in use. It is also advisable to set a passcode on your iPad.

Keeping synced

The app sends changes made on your iPad to Turnitin frequently (assuming you have a data or wireless connection). However, changes made on Turnitin via a web browser are not sent to your iPad. Therefore you should do a manual sync every time you start marking on an iPad. If you are marking offline on your iPad you will need to do a manual sync to get your changes to Turnitin, to do so you will need internet access.

Internet access

We recommend you use wireless rather than mobile (cellular) data. Turnitin suggest that syncing the app can be particularly heavy on data usage, and therefore more likely to incur additional costs.

Find out more

Read our guide for information on how to get started.


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