Staff: Updates to the Journal, Blog and Wiki tool

The interface for the journal, blog and wiki tool have changed slightly following the recent VLE updates.

We will update our guides shortly but here are some notable differences to highlight.

Journal and Individual Blogs

These screenshots show what happens in journals – the experience for individual blogs is the same but with the appropriate words changed.

When you enter a journal you will see your entries by default. To see your students’ journals, you need to select the arrow beneath your name in the right panel to open up a drop down list of all the students who have contributed to the journal:

Select arrow under name to see all contributors

You will see something like this (select the Show empty journals box to see students who haven’t contributed yet):


Alternatively you can click the left and right arrows to navigate through the journals:


Module Blog

All entries show on the page when you enter a module blog. If you wish to see one student’s contributions, the method is the same as viewing individual blogs/journals. In the panel on the right select the arrow under All and select the student as required to see their entries:

View entries by contributor


When grading wikis, again you can navigate between student contributions by selecting the arrow beneath All in the Participation and Grading interface:


This will show you all the contributors:

View all contributors

Alternatively you can click the left and right arrows to navigate through the contributors:

Navigate via arrows


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