Turnitin – product fixes and a new feature!

Turnitin advise they have fixed two issues previously reported on this blog:

Turntin has also introduced the ability to evaluate Excel spreadsheets. Excel submissions will now generate originality reports and can be marked online.

We will link to Turnitin guidance on Evaluate Excel when available. Release notes highlight the following:

  • The document viewer (online view used for marking) will display the submission as if it was printed in landscape format. Turnitin recommend that students pay attention to the image preview provided during file submission to verify that the file is presented in an acceptable manner. Students will need to amend their files in Excel before submitting if they do not look suitable.
  • Excel files that contain mostly numbers are unlikely to show a large number of matches in their originality reports. This is because Turnitin will not find matches to strings of text that are heavily numeric. Turnitin plan to improve this in the future.
  • Cell formulas do not display, and dynamic functions such as column sorting are not available (the turnitin view is essential a ‘print’ view.)
  • Multiple tabs/sheets will be included as separate pages in the document viewer.


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