Staff: Why hasn’t my 14/15 module rolled over?

Do you have an empty 14/15 module that hasn’t rolled over from the previous academic year? If  it is now running in a different semester, the name or Course Reference Number (CRN) has changed in Banner the module won’t be identified as part of the rollover process, and it won’t have content copied in automatically.

Staff can manually rollover modules using the module copy feature by following the steps in the guide. It is also important to take note of the content types you shouldn’t copy :

If your module hasn’t changed name, CRN or semester but didn’t rollover please contact the VLE Service via the IT Helpdesk (contact details below) providing the relevant module information.

Merged modules – Due to the way they are created merged modules can’t be rolled over, if you require a new version and haven’t already done so please send a request to the IT Helpdesk providing the modules you need including in the merge.

The rollover guide has answers to these and other frequently asked questions:

Comments are welcome, however if you need help or advice please contact the IT helpdesk on tel (0113) 343 3333, via the online contact form, or

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