Update: Changes to Turnitin bulk download functionality

We notified users of some changes to the Turnitin bulk download functionality on 6th January 2016. Following discussions with Turnitin and other institutions, Turnitin have now reverted some of the functionality to include student names in standard bulk downloads.

There is some new functionality:

Anonymous bulk download

Student papers can now be downloaded when anonymous marking is enabled. The downloaded files will not contain student names to preserve the anonymity. The naming convention is:


Change to file names

Student papers that are downloaded when anonymous marking is not enabled will contain the student names. This also applies when the Post Date has passed. However, there is a slight change to the naming convention. Previously it was:


It is now:


Retrieving the zip file

When you bulk download student submissions, instead of downloading to your computer straightaway, you will need to go to the Messages tab in Turnitin to access the zip file (it may take some time to generate).

Turnitin Messages Tab


Comments are welcome, however if you need help or advice please contact the IT Service Desk on tel (0113) 343 3333, or itservicedesk@leeds.ac.uk.

One comment

  1. james

    Oh gosh,
    This is progress (a bit), but why don’t they put the surname first, then the first name? Pretty much all filing system go by first name then surname, so why are they doing it this way? We had worked out a way of dealing with the unhelpful first initial (via ‘bulk file rename’), but it will be back to the drawing board. I guess we will have to sort our lists by first name first so they marry up(sounds easier than it is).
    Thanks for sorting this though – it is an improvement

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