2016 Module Rollover

The Module Rollover for 2016 has been completed and modules have been released to instructors.

All modules due to run in 2016/17 have been rolled over.

To see your 2016/17 modules, change the display of modules to Showing: Everything (you may have to scroll through the list/use the Search to find them). We will switch the default displayed year on the Modules tool to 2016/17 after resit examinations.

Instructors should be aware that not all content types can be rolled forward and will need tweaks or rebuilding for the new semesters.  Content items may need reordering and adaptive release rules will need to be checked, particularly if you have used dates.

Please refer to the VLE Service Rollover guide for guidance on next steps and a list of FAQs.

Please note:

  1. Regular 16/17 staff enrolment and module updates from Banner aren’t yet in place, we expect further enrolments will be added later this week. Enrolments have been added based on the data in Banner as of Monday 20/06 at 07:30.
  2. 16/17 student enrolments have not yet been added.
  3. Organisations aren’t rolled, organisation spaces for 16/17 need to be requested. Further information is available in the Rollover guide.

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