Warning: Beware of spam emails

We have had reports of spam emails being received at the University.

An example email has the subject RE: You have a new Blackboard message(s) and is from newmessage@blackboard.com:


You will never be asked to log in to Minerva to access a message.

Staff may send emails via Minerva but these emails will  come from the member of staff’s email address and contain the text of the message.

Occasionally staff may link to documents within Minerva. If this happens, check that the URL of the link begins https://minerva.leeds.ac.uk/. When you click it you will see a screen as below asking you to log in.


Staff who copy/export/import Minerva modules may receive a message from “Blackboard Administrator – noreply_vle@leeds.ac.uk” but these will only contain information and will not advise you to log on/click a link for any reason.

If you are concerned about whether a message is genuine, do not click any links and contact the IT Service Desk.

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