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Minerva Portal and VLE – Downtime

Minerva, the new Portal and VLE is planned to go live on Thursday 27th July 2017.

We will need to make the VLE unavailable briefly:

Thursday 27th July, from 9am-11am

Staff:  Formative/summative assessment or electronic assignment hand-ins will not be possible during this time period.

Students: Plan for the VLE downtime by retrieving material you know you will need.

Please do blog, repost and publicise this message widely, using the permalink to this post:

2017 Module Rollover

The Module Rollover for 2017 has been completed.

All modules due to run in 2017/18 have been rolled over, with content copied from the previous year. Any new modules will be empty but have the standard VLE template.

Please note: Staff and Student enrolments have yet to be added to the new modules. We anticipate that enrolments will be added and maintained from some point next week. We will update you on our Blog:, our mailing list, and our twitter feed.

Turnitin unavailable

Turnitin is experiencing a service disruption, and is unavailable.

This affects students when attempting to submit and staff when they attempt to view files through Turnitin.

This issue is affecting all Turnitin institutions and their engineers are looking into the issues.

Comments are welcome, however if you need help or advice please contact the IT Service Desk on tel (0113) 343 3333, or