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Images don’t display in emailed Announcements

Internet Explorer users need to be aware of a new issue with announcements that include embedded images. Images will not display if an announcement is emailed. The issue only occurs if the announcement was created using Internet Explorer, and only affects users who read the announcement outside of the VLE.

A workaround is to use Chrome or Firefox when creating the announcement.

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Mobile Learn – issue with Announcement push notification

Mobile Learn users can opt to receive push notifications for Announcements posted to the VLE.

Blackboard have informed us that there has been a problem with this functionality for new users. Anyone whose first login was between September 28 and October 10 will not receive these notifications. To fix this problem, log out of the app and then log in again.

Make sure notifications are set to “On” in the Settings area of the app:

Image of notifications in app

Temporary Suspension of VLE Announcements in Portal

In preparation for the VLE upgrade on Monday (see our previous VLE Upgrade posts), the Portal Team will be temporarily suspending the flow of announcements from the VLE to the Portal.

A holding message will reflect this in the Portal interface. Until late Sunday you can still use the Portal Quick Link to the VLE to check your announcements. VLE announcements will still appear in the VLE until the upgrade process starts on Monday morning (00:01hrs).

A Final Reminder:

The VLE will be unavailable during the upgrade:

Monday 8th July until late Tuesday 9th of July*

*Additionally, Wednesday the 10th July may be used for upgrade contingencies if necessary.

While the VLE is being upgraded it will not be available, hence no content will be accessible.

Do not schedule formative or summative assessment or electronic assignment hand-ins through the VLE for the above dates (including the contingency day).

Please do blog, repost and publicise this message widely, using the permalink to our original post:


VLE Service

Communicate using Mobile Learn

Coming January 2013

Example of Announcements in Mobile Learn on iOS and Android


Staff can use Mobile Learn to post announcements when they cannot get to a desktop. Students will see all their VLE announcements via the app – Android and iOS users can also set up their mobile device to receive a notification when an announcement is posted.

Discussions using iOS and Android in Mobile LearnDiscussions

Students and staff can add and reply to posts, and upload files from their device or Dropbox account.

Watch this blog for more information about Mobile Learn.

Announcements – important change

The new VLE comes with a slew of improvements and bug fixes however one change we are going to have to make is to remove the option to email announcements in the upgraded VLE.

The email functionality has been completely redesigned by Blackboard. Instead of module/organisation instructors selecting to email an announcement, it is a system-wide setting. This means we can either turn emails on for every single announcement posted, or turn it off.

We have been testing the new functionality for some months, finding various technical issues. These have not been fully resolved. In addition many Universities have reported load issues with this new functionality, meaning emails could be delivered late/not at all or the VLE could be very slow.

We are aware that this was a well-used function and will continue to investigate it over the Summer, raising our concerns with Blackboard, with a view to securing a change to this functionality in the future.

Remember – there is a separate Email tool in the VLE and this will remain on (accessible via the Control Panel).

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Instructors – Ten ways to improve your module

New to module building? Want some quick ways to get up and running? We’ve put together a series of ten short tips, each of which can be completed in ten minutes or under.

See the ten things page and get started on part 1

Comments are welcome, however if you need help or advice please contact the ISS helpdesk on tel (0113) 343 3333, or helpdesk@leeds.ac.uk.