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How can PhD students get staff access to modules?

PhD students often need staff access to modules to teach or grade and must get a staff IT username to use specialised tools such as Turnitin.

The student will get a staff IT username which needs to be associated to their staff ID number, meaning they can be enrolled via Banner.

Faculty IT will have to approve the IT user account and Central HR will have to provide the user with a Staff ID. Once this is finalised, enrolments will come from Banner overnight.

We recommend the Teaching Assistant module role for PhD Students. This allows them to edit the module/access the Grade Centre. Other roles are described in our roles guide.

Remember that if the student just needs to see a module but not edit or grade, staff on the module can enrol them as a student.

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Fixed: Manual enrolments & Organisation emails

Two issues introduced during the summer 2014 upgrade are now fixed:

Manual enrolments – Staff can once again manually enrol users onto VLE modules/organisations (with the student/participant role).

NOTE: Any staff and students that are either delivering or officially studying a module should continue to be added via the usual method in Banner. Further information on enrolments is available in our guide.

Email tool in organisations – It is now possible to send emails via organisations.

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VLE staff data feed temporarily suspended

Staff may be aware that many staff 12/13 module enrolments were temporarily made unavailable this morning. The issue occurred as a result of amendments made in Banner to staff module data yesterday (05/02/2013).  To rectify this in the VLE we have reverted to staff module enrolment data that was valid on the 04/02/2013.

Investigations are underway as to a resolution. In the meantime we have suspended the staff module data feed only, meaning no changes to staff module data in Banner will be updated in the VLE until further notice.

Student enrolments are not affected by this.

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VLE enrolments – everything you ever needed to know

We’ve put together a resource which covers the common questions we receive about VLE enrolments.

If you have to frequently deal with getting people VLE enrolments, read the guide:

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