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Turnitin – Issues with auto save of marks and feedback

Turnitin have informed us that there is an issue with the auto-save feature when markers use the paper-to-paper navigation option in the top right hand corner of the document viewer.

Turnitin have provided us with the following workaround:


Using the paper-to-paper navigation could mean that users lose marks and/or feedback, instead you should close the window and re-load the next paper to avoid any issues.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

Turnitin – workaround for page break rendering issues in Feedback Studio

Turnitin recently introduced a ‘high resolution’ view to the Turnitin Feedback Studio interface.

Turnitin have confirmed a bug where page breaks in some documents are not rendered in the high resolution view, and instead appear as large breaks in the text.

Students may contact you concerned that their documents have been reformatted inappropriately.

To restore the appearance of the page breaks, the current workaround is to disable the high resolution view.

Select the resolution toggle in the bottom right of the viewer and toggle high resolution off.

Page breaks will be properly represented in the normal resolution view.



eAssessment survival guide for students

If you read one thing before taking your next online assessment, read this: http://www.leeds.ac.uk/vle/students/assess/eassessment/

We cover the common pitfalls of eAssessment and what to do if things go wrong.

Staff: If you have online assessment in your module, encourage your students to read the guide by adding the link.

Comments are welcome, however if you need help or advice please contact the IT Service Desk on tel (0113) 343 3333, via the online contact form, or helpdesk@leeds.ac.uk.

Turnitin Browser Compatibility

Turnitin no longer support the use of IE11.

Turnitin now support the latest and one previous version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.

  • Firefox (Quantum)
  • Chrome (66)
  • Safari (11)
  • Microsoft Edge

For users of the current campus Windows desktops, macOS or Linux machines,  we recommend you use the latest Google Chrome, or the latest Firefox Quantum browsers for Turnitin specific work.

These browsers are also suitable for all other Minerva activity.







Turnitin service degradation

Turnitin have confirmed that UK users should not be affected by the current service issue.

Users may experience slowness while making submissions or viewing them.

This affects students when attempting to submit and staff when they attempt to view files through Turnitin.

This issue is affecting all Turnitin institutions and their engineers are looking into the issues as a priority.

Comments are welcome, however if you need help or advice please contact the IT Service Desk on tel (0113) 343 3333, or itservicedesk@leeds.ac.uk.