2018/19 Module Rollover – staff enrolments available

2018 Staff Enrolments have now been added to Minerva and staff will now have access to their 2018/19 modules.

To see your 2018/19 modules, change the display of modules to Showing: Everything (you may have to scroll through the list/use the Search to find them). We will switch the default displayed year on the Modules tool to 2018/19 after resit examinations.

The 2018/19 feed from Banner will be automated by the end of the week, when normal nightly updates for staff will resume.

No student enrolments have been added yet; this feed will not be enabled until after resit examinations.

2018/19 Module Rollover

The Module Rollover for 2018/19 has been completed, and modules will soon be ready to be released to instructors. All modules due to run in 2018/19 have been rolled over and new modules have been created.

Where are my modules?

Modules will be made available to Instructors at the start of next week. A manual load of staff and student enrolments will be processed on Monday 18th June at 8am. Staff enrolments added in Banner by this time will be processed on Monday, and regular data feeds should be in place shortly after.

After the feed, to see your 2018/19 modules, change the display of modules to Showing: Everything (you may have to scroll through the list/use the Search to find them). We will switch the default displayed year on the Modules tool to 2018/19 after resit examinations.

What’s new?

2018/19 modules feature a new menu item called ‘Reading Lists’. This is an enhancement to the current Reading Lists tool in Minerva which staff use to create reading lists for their modules.

For students, the new menu item will point them to any reading lists available for that module on the Library website. If there are none, students will see a message directing them to useful Library resources instead.

For staff, the menu item will present a list of all reading lists on their module (created with the Reading Lists tool) with options to edit and instructions to delete. If the module has no reading lists, there will be instructions on how to create one or an option to confirm that the module will not have a reading list.

The method for creating reading lists is unchanged. Full guidance will be available later in the Summer.

Rollover FAQs

Instructors should be aware that not all content types can be rolled forward and modules will need tweaks or rebuilding for the new semesters.  Content items may need reordering and adaptive release rules will need to be checked, particularly if you have used dates.

Please refer to the VLE Service Rollover guide for guidance on next steps and a list of FAQs.

Please note:
Organisations aren’t rolled, organisation spaces for 17/18 need to be requested. Further information is available in the Rollover guide.

Minerva Summer 2018 Upgrade

We are planning to upgrade Minerva this summer during the agreed maintenance period:

Tuesday 10th July until late Wednesday 11th July*

*Additionally, Thursday 12th July may be used for upgrade contingencies if necessary.

While Minerva is being upgraded it will not be available, hence no content will be accessible.

Staff: Do not schedule formative or summative assessment or electronic assignment hand-ins through Minerva for the above dates (including the contingency day).

Students: Plan for Minerva downtime by retrieving material you know you will need.

Please do blog, repost and publicise this message widely, using the permalink to this post:


Turnitin – Issues with auto save of marks and feedback

Turnitin have informed us that there is an issue with the auto-save feature when markers use the paper-to-paper navigation option in the top right hand corner of the document viewer.

Turnitin have provided us with the following workaround:


Using the paper-to-paper navigation could mean that users lose marks and/or feedback, instead you should close the window and re-load the next paper to avoid any issues.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

Turnitin – workaround for page break rendering issues in Feedback Studio

Turnitin recently introduced a ‘high resolution’ view to the Turnitin Feedback Studio interface.

Turnitin have confirmed a bug where page breaks in some documents are not rendered in the high resolution view, and instead appear as large breaks in the text.

Students may contact you concerned that their documents have been reformatted inappropriately.

To restore the appearance of the page breaks, the current workaround is to disable the high resolution view.

Select the resolution toggle in the bottom right of the viewer and toggle high resolution off.

Page breaks will be properly represented in the normal resolution view.



eAssessment survival guide for students

If you read one thing before taking your next online assessment, read this: http://www.leeds.ac.uk/vle/students/assess/eassessment/

We cover the common pitfalls of eAssessment and what to do if things go wrong.

Staff: If you have online assessment in your module, encourage your students to read the guide by adding the link.

Comments are welcome, however if you need help or advice please contact the IT Service Desk on tel (0113) 343 3333, via the online contact form, or helpdesk@leeds.ac.uk.